Silent Panic Alarms for Schools

Alyssa's Law Requirements

Alyssa's Law requires each public elementary and secondary school building to be equipped with at least one panic alarm that is directly linked to local law enforcement authorities. This addresses the issue of response time in emergencies.

New York, New Jersey, and Florida have versions of Alyssa's Law already in effect, with pending legislation in Nebraska, Arizona, Texas, and Virginia. ​This law is currently being considered at the federal level, which would make it applicable to all states.

Silent Panic Alarm in Schools
​Panic Alarm Solutions

Note: Handheld and hardwired buttons go thru a monitoring center and the mobile or computer buttons directly notify law enforcement.​


Mobile/Computer Panic Buttons

  • Turn any computer or smartphone into a panic button
  • Phones have the flexibility to be carried in a classroom or hallway
  • Computer: Available for both Mac and Windows
  • Smartphone: Available for both iPhone and Android

Physical Button

Fixed Panic Buttons

  • Permanent button fixed to a wall or desk
  • Install in offices or classrooms
  • Keypad can trigger silent panic alarm
  • Less reliance on devices

Handheld Panic Buttons
  • Flexibility to be worn or carried in a classroom or hallway
  • Integrated with software or hardware
  • Simple to use with minimal training
  • No reliance on personal smartphones
Silent Panic Button Applications
  • Notify local law enforcement
  • Notify response center
  • Notify school admin

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