Suspect Interview ​Systems

Video / Audio Monitoring and Recording 

The Suspect Interview Systems from LINSTAR are built around standard workflow, saving time and ultimately resulting in higher conviction rates.

LINSTAR designs and installs user-friendly Suspect Interview Systems designed to make detectives more effective during custodial interviews.  By combining audio and video, it provides a crystal clear record of exact events during police interviews.  

  • Allows jury members to see exactly how the suspect looked and acted during interview
  • Aids in compiling only the most relevant information from long interviews
  • Enables investigators to discreetly prompt the interviewer during the session, without interrupting the interview
  • Protects detectives and agencies from claims of abuse, misconduct or coercion during interviews
Suspect Interview Room
Suspect Interview Room Solutions

On-Premise Setup

  • DVR with DVD Burner featuring built in date and time watermark (video and audio). 
  • Local monitoring

Mobile Setup

  • Software solution
  • Microsoft Surface Pro tablet

Multi-Room Setup

  • Multiple cameras on a single recording device
  • ​Remote starting and stopping

Cloud Setup

  • Cloud Storage
  • Remote Access
Suspect Interview Systems Applications
  • Interviews
  • Evidence gathering
  • Protects detective and agencies from false claims

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