Track People, Places and Things

If your organization needs to identify and track people, places and things, LINSTAR can help!

Identifying these elements using your ID system provides a basic level of security.  Adding the ability to track activity of those identified and analyze the data collected, your ID program becomes much more useful in terms of security and accountability.

Tracking Solutions
​Tracking Solutions

EPIC Track

With various LINSTAR ID systems for tagging and labeling combined with software, such as the EPIC Track tracking software, LINSTAR can build the right ​identification and tracking system for your requirements.

EPIC Track is a universal tracking solution used to track people, places and things during an event or for everyday tracking needs.This solution is a perfect addition to any identity program. 

EPIC Track is intuitive, requiring minimal training and smooth implementation throughout any organization. With EPIC Track, there are no servers to configure, it has simple user interface and contains pre-built reports. It is the perfect tool for any number of tracking scenarios, making it a cost-effective and value added solution. Easily integrated with mobile devices such as smart phones, handhelds, tablet PCs and desktop PCs. This tracking solution makes deployment simple, fast and successful every time.

  • Mustering/Status Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Conference/Activity Tracking
  • Continuing Education
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Field Trip Tracking

and more.

Time and Attendance

Electronic time and attendance has become very popular in the last decade. Not only is it the best way to keep track of employee hours, but now many solutions can be loaded directly onto existing platforms such as a PC. Stand-alone or network versions are available to fit almost any application. Time and attendance information can be sorted by department, provide detailed reports, track vacations, sick leave, and holidays and interface to your payroll or accounting system to reduce labor and costly miscalculations. The implementation of time and attendance solutions often results in a very short return on investment!

Casino Player Tracking

Casino Track is a software solution used by gaming organizations to identify and track players that are listed on voluntary internal or state barred self-exclusion lists. This solution significantly reduces the risk of a player entering a casino or racetrack, or cashing out by verifying their identity as soon as they enter the facility. Gambling organizations are able to increase security and reduce liability and fines associated with allowing barred players onto their property.​

Patient and Evacuee Tracking

Disaster scenes can have anywhere from a few to thousands of evacuees. Emergency managers have to worry about getting these people out safely, while also putting their agency’s reputation and budget on the line. Quickly and accurately register and tag evacuees and track them through transport. Data is captured and managed on-scene in the disaster zone. At the same time, data can be monitored off-scene by your agency or other agencies.

Tracking Applications
  • People
  • Equipment
  • Trees & forestry
  • Assets
  • Products

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