Safe and Secure Practices of Returning to ​School

Solutions for K12 Schools Webinars

As the curve of COVID-19 infections begin to level off, more of the population recovers from infections, and as government shelter-in-place and similar orders begin to expire, K-12 educators are confronted with the complexities of returning students, faculty and staff to ​school in a manner that is safe and ensures continuity to the academic program. ​K-12 schools must implement a plan that is tailored to their academic mission and responsive to the developing situation with COVID-19.


​LINSTAR offers a wide range of solutions that can help K-12 educators confront the challenge of returning to schools. We will be hosting a series of webinars with our vendor partners to highlight specific solutions:

TPASS - The TPASS Visitor Management System offers contactless facial recognition for visitor enrollment, as well as contact tracing reports and text message/email notification.

Elliott Mobile Solutions - Offer a solution for automated identification, registration, and tracking - perfect for quick, efficient and accurate on-site testing and screening. Identify people in line and quickly process each person as they are screened or tested for COVID-19.

BadgePass - The BadgePass electronic visitor tracking solution helps validate IDs of guests and screen for any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure before granting them access to your facility.​

WatchNET - Bi-spectrum radiometric technology is the combination of an HD video camera and thermal camera side by side, combined with advanced artificial intelligence to detect elevated body temperatures. Screen and detect elevated body temperatures related to illness such as COVID-19. Solutions are available for access control and for monitoring low and high volume traffic though doors, gates and main pathways.

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